[Samba] Profiles ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Thu Jan 16 08:36:01 GMT 2003

Robert Adkins wrote:
> 	Unless your users are using Outlook (or virtually any E-mail client for   
> that matter) I have a few users with .PST files that are over 1Gig in   
> size. This is due to the regular amount of data files that we are sent. I   
> have discussed with them the need to trim those files down.
	I have seem simlar problems with mail folders ...

> 	In the near future, I am planning on replacing the current "locally"   
> stored .PST files with an IMAP server. There are a few other things that   
> I can do after that to cut down on the logon/logoff time. However, I have   
> other more pressing matters to attend to.
	I have had to switch to IMAP, but M$ mail system just suck ... I have 
alot of problem with the mail clients not working properly, and to try 
and switch users to using another mail client is lke pulling teeth ...

> 	Anyway, our network speed is swift enough to get those logoffs down to   
> about twenty minutes or so...(Crazy I know, but that's what it takes.)   
> Logons are thankfully much faster.
	You try and tell a manager that they are going something wrong and it's 
not the Linux server causing the problem ... that is like walking 
through hell ...

	What I did do for Win98SE, was hack the registery to point to the 
network server instead of local, so that nothing was download and 
uploaded, therfore they worked right off the network.


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