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Robert Adkins raa at impelind.com
Wed Jan 15 21:17:01 GMT 2003

	Unless your users are using Outlook (or virtually any E-mail client for   
that matter) I have a few users with .PST files that are over 1Gig in   
size. This is due to the regular amount of data files that we are sent. I   
have discussed with them the need to trim those files down.

	However, that isn't something that they are considering doing. My hands   
are pretty tied with that right now.

	In the near future, I am planning on replacing the current "locally"   
stored .PST files with an IMAP server. There are a few other things that   
I can do after that to cut down on the logon/logoff time. However, I have   
other more pressing matters to attend to.

	Anyway, our network speed is swift enough to get those logoffs down to   
about twenty minutes or so...(Crazy I know, but that's what it takes.)   
Logons are thankfully much faster.

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On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, C.Lee Taylor wrote:

> Greetings ...
> 	This is a stupid question which have been wanting to ask for awhile,
> and hope somebody can help me.
> 	Profiles, if I understand it correctly come in two forms, local and
> roaming?  Now local in on the computer the user uses and roaming is one
> that is download from the server when the user logs in.


> 	Now, where my problem is, when I have some users who have huge
> documents folder, this log on and log off takes a long time, not   
> the problems I have run into when their computer is turn off
> incorrectly.  I am sure this is a Micro$oftism, but is there a way to
> use roaming profiles, but have then use directly off the server and not
> copied to and from the server at login and logout?

This is simply a symptom of BAD BAD BAD practice. You need to educate   
users that they should store documents on a drive share. Keep profiles
clean and small by making them mandatory. See the Win2K/WinXP resource
kits for details how to create a mandatory profile. This forces your   
to use network drives instead of dropping their poop all over the shop.

 - John T.
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