[Samba] Retrieveing group membership

Robert Adkins raa at impelind.com
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	Is there an issue with using UNIX Group ownership of directories that   
you are sharing amongst the users in those groups?

	For instance, let's say that you have a group called administration,   
another called tech and yet another called developers.

	Here you have user A, B and C.

	In the groups file, this is what you would need...

	administration:x:901:A,C (Where A,B and C are the user names)

	Let's now say that you have some folders labeled; administration, tech   
and developers. These folders are then shared with the same names through   

	So, you set the group ownerships of those files to the groups you   
created in the UNIX Groups file... Then you will also need to change the   
rights to include an g+s, which would make all newly created files and   
sub-folders to be owned by the same group as the main folder/share.

	You do far more interesting and complicated nested shares and other   
things that I unfortunately don't have the time to explain...

	The really nice thing about Samba is that you are using not only the   
Samba permissions but also the underlying UNIX file system permissions as   

	If you need something clarified, respond to all and if I am able to I   
will attempt to find time to answer the questions, if not I am certain   
someone else will be able to answer them as well.

	Good luck!

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is there a possibility to include smb_{grp}.confs depending on the group
membership of the user? What I figured out is I can retrieve the primary
group of a user but what if a user is member of several groups let's say:

user a is member of tech and administration (not domain admin!!)
user b is member of dev and tech
user c is member of all existing smb groups

I would like to include all smb_{grp}.conf for the user. %G gives me the
primary group, how do I access the other memberships?

I had a couple of other hints how to solve the problem but, maybe it was
the way I tried to approach the problem, non was satisfying.



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