[Samba] Dos To Unix?

Robert Adkins raa at impelind.com
Mon Jan 13 16:47:00 GMT 2003


	Download and utilize the latest version of VIM. (Vi Improved)

	I was concerned with that issue myself, as there are a number of logon   
BAT files and such that I either, didn't wish to move back and forth all   
the time to edit, or attempt to continually remember to use the DOS2UNIX   
and UNIX2DOS command that ships with most releases of Linux. (I say move   
back and forth because I am not sharing the netlogon directory.)

	Anyway, one day, I just opened up a DOS Bat file with VIM and   
lo-and-behold, the file looked fine. I edited it and then saved it off   
and then opened it up in Windows.

	It still looked fine.

	Give a go, hopefully it will work fine for you.

	Of course, it could also be something added to the Linux distro that I   
am using. I am running Red Hat 7.2, in case you were wondering.

	I am certain that you should be able to locate the source code for VIM   
to then compile on whatever UNIX platform that you are using.

	Good luck!

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If we drag a file from a Windows directory - say autoexec.bat and drop it
onto a samba mapped Unix drive, when we then go to the Unix box and vi   
file all the lines end in the DOS EOL character (^M) is there any
option/configuration in samba to make it convert DOS text files to UNIX

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