[Samba] Domain Users cannot use quickbooks

John T. Benedetto jbenedet at unm.edu
Sat Jan 11 23:25:18 GMT 2003

On Sat, 11 Jan 2003, Mike Hillyer wrote:

> Hi Steve;
> I am using samba as a file and print server currently, we just want to take
> things to the next level. It seems that the settings we have work just fine
> for both Quickbooks and Act while as a file server, it still just happens to
> be that quickbooks wants power user privileges, which are lost when your
> users are domain users.
> Mike Hillyer

There are two things that could be done on the client-side...  both of 
which are kludges at best.

First is to figure out which registry entries are casuing the problem, and 
relax the permissions on them so a non-power user could use the 
application.   I have seen this mentioned on other lists, for other 

The second is: on the user's machine, in User Manager, add the
domain/username account as a power user (or even administrator, if you
want your users to have admin privs on their own machines, but no others). 
Yes, this is labor intensive, but will work.

Of course, the second option is easier to do, the first is more work 
initially, but could eventually be worked out to a batch-file like 

- john

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