[Samba] Best samba filesystem

Chris Palmer chris.palmer at geneed.com
Thu Jan 9 18:57:01 GMT 2003

Gordon Pritchard writes:

> Out of all of this "slow performance with lots of files" discussion,
> what would be the recommended filesystem?  I'm about to implement a
> RAID-3 Samba-server for rich-media (multimedia), and I'd like (robust)
> journalling, along with speed.  I have used (and am using) XFS,
> ReiserFS, ext2 and ext3, but not on any sort of server.  AFAICT, they
> all seem to "work".

It depends on how big your multimedia files are. If you mean MP3s, any
such filesystem will be fine (including ext3). If you have big huge
files (several GB or more), you might be happier with one of the
filesystems made for large file support (Reiser, JFS, XFS).

Chris Palmer   Systems Programmer   GeneEd

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