[Samba] win 2000 - samba unix mount

Frank Matthieß frankm at lug-owl.de
Fri Jan 3 12:15:01 GMT 2003

At  2.01.2003 on 21:53 CET  +0100, wrote Michael Matthews:
> I am trying to use samba to mount/share my unix home dir on my pc
> running win 2000 pro. The samba server is running and I can smbclient to
> my user id successfully on the server. I have tried security user AND
"user" is ok.
> share. Either way, when I try mapping network drive on pc, specify user
> and password I get 'not authorized' error. Connectivity is NOT an issue

Think about "encrypted password = true" in smb.conf.

> obviously. smb.conf is pretty much default, I changed workgroup name.
> THe PC is on a corp domain which has nothing to do with samba server.
> DOes this matter??
It matters. You have the choice to put your samba server into a
workgroup with diffrent name to the domain, or you put your samba server
as a member to your domain.

The first is very easy.
The second will integrate the server seamlessly to yout network.

> The PC and server are NOT on the same subnet. Does that matter??

If you have a clean running wins server, no. 

> Incidently PC responded differently to security specification so that
> indicates to me it was indeed effectly communicating with server.

Please read the "Samba-Howto-Collection" in your tarball. Most of the
questions and answers, also with step by step instruction to make a
samba server runnning wil help you.

My own expirience is to read the man page of smb.conf side by side to
output of "testparm -s " will teake the best effect to understand the
configuration an possibilities of samba.

With regards 
Frank Matthieß.
Frank Matthieß                                    frankm at lug-owl.de

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