[Samba] win 2000 - samba unix mount

Michael Matthews mjmatt at qsun.mt.att.com
Thu Jan 2 20:54:01 GMT 2003

Happy new year samba supporters!!

I am new to samba. I am a UNIX admin and no little of MS shares.

I am trying to use samba to mount/share my unix home dir on my pc
running win 2000 pro. The samba server is running and I can smbclient to
my user id successfully on the server. I have tried security user AND
share. Either way, when I try mapping network drive on pc, specify user
and password I get 'not authorized' error. Connectivity is NOT an issue
obviously. smb.conf is pretty much default, I changed workgroup name.

THe PC is on a corp domain which has nothing to do with samba server.
DOes this matter??
The PC and server are NOT on the same subnet. Does that matter??

Incidently PC responded differently to security specification so that
indicates to me it was indeed effectly communicating with server.

thanks in advance

Michael Matthews

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