[Samba] Creation of Domain- and PDC-SID in samba

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Sun Dec 28 21:37:49 GMT 2003

On Sun, 2003-12-28 at 09:00, Michael Gasch wrote:
> hi
> just a question to understand
> we have a NT PDC and i successfully transfered it's data to samba 3.0
> because we're cautious i let the NT PDC "online" (domain=evan) and 
> introduced samba with the same date in a new domain (domain=testevan) 
> for testing purposes
> to get rid of conflicts i had to change the SID of the samba server, 
> because my knowledge tells me: "a sid hast to be unique in a network"
> so i changed the sid to a value different from the evan-sid
> okay...still, everything is working fine
> but: isn't there a tool, which creates a unique sid for my new 
> (test)domain like sidchanger for NT?
> because i can't be sure that the sid i entered for the new domain 
> "testevan" is unique
I've been struggling with the problem of previous NT PDC and in my case,
trying to figure out how to keep it online while I ease the transition.
It appears to me that the 'vampire' tools is a monster, and how you deal
with it is left to the imagination of the admin.

Anyway, to answer your question...
'net getlocalsid' will tell your your Domain SID
'net setlocalsid' will allow you to change it to whatever you want but
recognize that the accounts created by the 'net rpc vampire' will all
have the localsid (SID) set by the value that is in your new account
script, which in my case - was the smbldap_conf.pm YMMV.

Thus, if you want the users to use your new domain's PDC, they would
have to have the correct SID.


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