[Samba] ADS and Winbind ... Can't access with Samba host name ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Wed Dec 24 08:12:26 GMT 2003

Fernando Ruza wrote:
> Still with the problem. I have tested with the version 3.0.0 and right,
> I can see the shares however cannot connect to the home shares or shares
> with valid users option in smb.conf. Besides this version cannot
> substitute correctly the %D %u %U %S variables. I have written them in
> the comment option of a share and I can see that the values are not
> correct. %D gives me the samba hostname, %S gives me "IPC_"
	That is a know bug of Samba 3.0.0, and I am sure it has been fix. If 
suggest you comment out "valid users" for Samba 3.0.0, if that is your 

> Trying with version 3.0.1 cannot see no shares.
> Trying with version 3.0.1rc2, it's the same like 3.0.0, but it seems
> that some variables are correct like %u but %U is empty. I don't know is
> very strange. It worked once with this version after I changed the
> password for the Administrator of my PDC/KDC and the user I use to test
> the shares however in the next reboot of the WinXP client machine it
> already doesn't work again.
	I have see something similar, but could not put my finger on it, but I 
think that was because of multi server, client and Samba restarts with 
internels in flux state ... if everthing was started clean, I seemed not 
to have problems like this with Samba 3.0.1 as a PDC.

> I think that doing samba 3 be a member of AD is not working properly.
> Does anyone got it ?? Could make a howto ?
	Samba 3.0.1 as a domain member of Win2K3 AD, I have had problems, which 
I have not been able to fix, so I am staying with Samba 3.0.1 as PDC.

	Samba 3.0.0 as a domain member of Win2K3 AD, works fine, but I need the 
other fixes that have gone into Samba 3.0.1, so Samba 3.0.0 is still on 
my testing system until I can find the problem with Samba 3.0.1 or the 
next upgrade ...


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