[Samba] User validation in domain different than workgroup

Pascual Muñoz pascual at ieee.org
Mon Dec 22 18:37:51 GMT 2003

Hello all,

First of all, I'm really a newbie in Samba. I can manage to setup the Samba 
server in security = user, and now I'm trying to do a more complicated thing.

I wish the Samba server to be our domain master in group COMOPT, that is 
workgroup = COMPOPT. I do not want to have Linux user accounts for the users, 
but rather to validate them using another domain server, whose domain is UPVNET, 
and then map all the connections to the shares to a single Linux user for all of 

I'm a little bit confused, because it seems I must use security = domain and 
winbind, but then workgroup should be UPVNET rather than COMOPT, that is the one 
I want.

Sorry in advance for this little mess. Maybe I'm asking something that makes no 
sense. Can any one help me?

Thanks in advance.


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