[Samba] User validation in domain different than workgroup

Sean Kennedy skennedy at tpno.org
Mon Dec 22 19:01:05 GMT 2003

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I'm not entirely sure I understand.  You want your users to be validated 
against the UPVNET domain controller, right?  How does COMOPT come into 
then?  Is COMOPT the domain root, and UPVNET a branch ( or subforest, or 
whatever they call it )?  From Samba's perspective, it shouldn't matter 
the relationship:  Point samba to UPVNET as the DC, and let the win2k 
boxes work themselves out.

Please let me know if I got what you want wrong.

Pascual Muñoz wrote:

> Hello all,
> First of all, I'm really a newbie in Samba. I can manage to setup the 
> Samba server in security = user, and now I'm trying to do a more 
> complicated thing.
> I wish the Samba server to be our domain master in group COMOPT, that 
> is workgroup = COMPOPT. I do not want to have Linux user accounts for 
> the users, but rather to validate them using another domain server, 
> whose domain is UPVNET, and then map all the connections to the shares 
> to a single Linux user for all of them.
> I'm a little bit confused, because it seems I must use security = 
> domain and winbind, but then workgroup should be UPVNET rather than 
> COMOPT, that is the one I want.
> Sorry in advance for this little mess. Maybe I'm asking something that 
> makes no sense. Can any one help me?
> Thanks in advance.
> Pascual.

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