[Samba] Folder Redirection with NT4 Domains

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Sun Dec 14 16:31:03 GMT 2003

On Sun, 14 Dec 2003, Kristyan Osborne wrote:

> Hiya,
>  Redirecting My Documnets isn't a tricky one. Just right click ->
> properties and change the target location. This is automatically done in
> our network by changing the location in the default profile. This is
> then applied to every user when they first logon. Do you mean Local
> Settings or the Application Data folder. The Applications Data folder is
> part of the profile anyway. I cant see why you would want to copy the
> Local Settings directory with your profile.

Got that bit. Changing the default profile is the obvious answer but not
what some admins want. The objection I have run into is that this requires
per machine changes and for a large shop this is labour intensive.

On Win2Kx ADS this can be done through a GPO (group policy object). With
Samba the technique has to change a little to get around the lack of ADS
GPO support.

Seems that with Win2kx/XPP the use of '.reg' files does not work for other
than limited local machine changes only. The result is that running from
the login script:
	regedt32 /S fixup.reg
where 'fixup.reg' contains the hive changes necessary largely does not
work for changes other than to HKLM (HIVE_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE). I am
searching for insight into how other admins affect profile management
(particularly for folder redirection) in the absence of GPOs.

John T.

> Hope that helps
> Cheers
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> 	Hi,
> 	I'd like to hear off-list from anyone who is currently successfully using
> 	folder redirection with an NT4 domain controller.
> 	If you are doing this, please would help me to understand your secret.
> 	There are two ways I know of that should work, however I have received
> 	feedback from separate sources that claim problems with both of these
> 	methods.
> 	I would like to include in the new book "Samba-3 by Example" a detailed
> 	presentation of how to reliably affect redirection of the "My Documents"
> 	and "Local Applications" profile resources to a network share.
> 	If you know of any site that is doing this reliably please let me know so
> 	that it can be documented for the benefit of all. The new book will be
> 	part of the Samba-3 CVS official documentation.
> 	Thanks.
> 	cheers,
> 	John T.
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