[Samba] Folder Redirection with NT4 Domains (II)

Juan Luis Fernandez jlfernandez at fimac.net
Mon Dec 15 00:29:18 GMT 2003

> Redirecting My Documnets isn't a tricky one. Just right click ->
properties and change the target location. This is automatically done in our
network by changing the location in the default profile. This is then
applied to every user when they first logon. Do you mean Local Settings or
the Application Data folder. The Applications Data folder is part of the
profile anyway. I cant see why you would want to copy the Local Settings
directory with your profile.

I just work with samba 2.2.8 as a part of FreeBSD ports colecction. All the
workstations are Win 2K SP4.

All the things runs ok but lately there are some users configured with
roaming profiles that put in the desktop some folders. I recomend that they
do it with links to the My documents folder opposite that creating folder in
my desktop. In some users if I change this by this way ,the folders
previusly deleted reapered when users close and open the logon again. I
don´t know about how to track a solution about this. All the users have the
same rights and directory permisions in Unix and they are part of local
administration group of  Win2K boxes. I don´t know if this is about recycle
bin in samba or I have roaming profiles misconfigured.

Any idea to success !

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