[Samba] Paradox+Samba

sebastiand at Argentina.com sebastiand at Argentina.com
Thu Dec 11 14:28:25 GMT 2003

Well, the box is more much powerfull than the old one (it is a amd XP 2000+,
256mb RAM, 3Com 3C905 100base-T ). Its running a RH 9.0, all the machiones
on the lan have a  3Com 3C905 100base-T and the switches (2) are 3Com 3300
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>Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 08:10:58 -0600
>From: Andrew Gaffney <agaffney at technaut.darktalker.net>
>To: sebastiand at Argentina.com
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>sebastiand at Argentina.com wrote:
>> Hi all... Last monday i migrated form novell 4.0 to Samba 3.0 PDC. The
>> acts as a file server for 30 workstations (Win2000) using an aplicattion
>> that combines clipper (with .dbf files) and delphi (uses paradox .px
>> .db). Its perfomance has been very poor since i changed the server. PLEASE
>> HELP ME, since its in production and i really don know what to do.
>First of all, if you are only doing file sharing, you don't need a PDC
>Second, I 
>assume that your current Samba server is a different box than your old
>server. If 
>this is the case, is the new server a lot less powerful than the old? Is
>it on a different 
>network segment? Are you using a 10base-T NIC where you were using a 100base-T?
>Also, what 
>OS is running on your Samba box?
>Andrew Gaffney
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