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Gerald Drouillard GerryList at Drouillard.ca
Mon Dec 15 12:09:50 GMT 2003

sebastiand at Argentina.com wrote:

> Hi all... Last monday i migrated form novell 4.0 to Samba 3.0 PDC. The server
> acts as a file server for 30 workstations (Win2000) using an aplicattion
> that combines clipper (with .dbf files) and delphi (uses paradox .px and
> .db). Its perfomance has been very poor since i changed the server. PLEASE
> HELP ME, since its in production and i really don know what to do.
> thanks,

Samba and Linux is a great combination for providing a reliable fast 
file server on a network.  Whether you are using Microsoft Access, 
FoxPro, Quickbooks or CA-Clipper, with any multi-user fileserver 
database application there are configurations done both on the server 
and the client systems for this to work reliably.  The main settings to 
look for when setting up the Samba server to host a database application 
are: lock spin, and oplocks.

Try looking at: http://www.drouillard.ca/Tips&Tricks/Samba/Oplocks.htm

Gerald Drouillard
Drouillard & Associates, Inc.

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