[Samba] Add Printer Wizard Plus CUPS

Jeffrey M. Hardy hardyjm at potsdam.edu
Wed Dec 10 22:28:12 GMT 2003

I'm having some problems with our Samba Add-Printer-Wizard setup and
CUPS.  Everything is working fine (drivers upload, download, configured)
except for one thing.  Both my addprinter and deleteprinter scripts are
forced to restart Samba in order to successfully complete their
respective adding and deleting.  Because of this, sometimes Samba will
not come back up correctly.

I read that normally Samba will re-read smb.conf and pick up any printer
entries and complete the process.  However, when dealing with CUPS as
the printing subsystem, the printers are stored separately in (usually)
/etc/cups/printers.conf.  If I do not restart Samba during this process,
the client receives an "Access denied" error message.  Is there a way to
get Samba to read the CUPS printers conf info without restarting Samba? 
Thank you.

CUPS 1.1.19
Samba 3.0
Red Hat 8.0

Jeff Hardy
System Administrator
SUNY Potsdam
hardyjm at potsdam.edu

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