[Samba] fcntl lock failed at large offset: pretty urgent

Jim Thomas jsamba at vertigo.net.au
Wed Dec 3 08:58:54 GMT 2003

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 02:50:33AM +0000, Jeremy Allison wrote:
>On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 01:29:55PM +1100, Jim Thomas wrote:
>> I'm not sure what the build options were for this, but I will try and
>> find out.
>Running smbd -d10 will cause smbd to write build info into log.smb

That's great. I've posted a large file offlist at (I will mail it if

>It's checked for at compile time. You need to be looking for 
>something like HAVE_STRUCT_FLOCK64 which is what we use for
>64 bit locking.

HAVE_STRUCT_FLOCK64 is defined in UTMP Options.

>> The setup is:
>>   Linux samba 3.0.0 server, serving files from local disk
>>   Win95,98,xp-pro clients mounting smb shares as a workgroup
>>   Windows software that wants to set a lock at 2^32-16
>What filesystem on the local disk ? Do you have a debug level 10
>of the problem ? Have you tried any of the 3.0.1pre releases
>(although I don't remember changes in this area).

The filesystem on server is linux ext2.

A evel 10 debug of problem posted offlist at
I have not tried 3.0.1pre yet, but will report when I do.

I am also going to try a locally compiled 3.0.0.


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