[Samba] fcntl lock failed at large offset: pretty urgent

Jim Thomas jsambavertigo.net.au at vertigo.net.au
Wed Dec 3 16:49:40 GMT 2003

The problem appears to be the kernel version.  I have not
verified this on the production machine, just at home with a
subset of the windows client system, but it's reproducible.

Preliminary results:

Linux     Level 1          Range lock
kernel    oplock           just under 2^32
2.2.25    on               success
2.2.25    off              failure
2.4.22    on               success
2.4.22    off              success

The binary I downloaded was probably compiled on a linux kernel
2.4.x, and I've been running it on a 2.2.25 kernel.  I will test
this at work tomorrow and confirm, but this looks like it.


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