[Samba] Some final notes: Backup Exec & Samba shares

Bruce Lane kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com
Mon Dec 1 16:06:12 GMT 2003

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Hi, Shawn,

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On 01-Dec-03 at 07:50 Shawn Wright wrote:

>Interesting... Sorry if I missed the previous thread, but had you considered using the
>free BE agent for *nix? We've been using it for several years on 3 production samba
>boxes and BE8.6 running on an NT server. Speed is much slower than the Veritas
>agents on NT, and a bit slower than non-agent backups from NT, bit it works. We are
>currently backing up ~50Gb from Samba using the agent.

	Yes, I had tried using the agent. The problem is that they never wrote one for NetBSD, and I had problems getting the Linux emulation to work well enough to depend on the thing. It'd be a lot easier if they'd just open-source the thing, but I know they'd never consider it.

>When 8.6 no longer supports our hardware (the only reason we went from v6
>to v8), then we'll look elsewhere, unless Veritas changes their MS-centric focus.
>Their requirement for IE on the server just to run BE9.x was the last straw!

	I wondered about that. As mentioned earlier, and if it's any help, ARCServe seems to be doing pretty well. It's running a backup even as I type this, and it doesn't give a flying banana that half of what it's backing up are Samba shares. If you want to check it out, web-browse to www.cheyenne.com (it will redirect to CA's web site).

	Good luck.

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