[Samba] vfs module for interpreting a script on file access

Woodseats admin woodseats.admin at gp-c88041.nhs.uk
Mon Dec 1 15:13:29 GMT 2003

woulldn't the pre and post exec command do what your after ?

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Subject: [Samba] vfs module for interpreting a script on file access

> hi
> i want to ask a simple question:
> exists a samba VFS module for interpreting a file on access?
> (mostly the same as a dynamic file on an webserver)
> if not, i want to suggest it ;-)
> a simple example:
> a share with an single MS-DOS .bat file on it;
> this .bat file is (for example) a bash script file; 
> if the file is accessed via SMB than smbd executes this script and
> handles the stdout output of the script to the client. the script
> must take care of the dos file format (CR,LF) and so an ..
> the client does not know this, from client side this is only a .bat
> file like each other ... :-)
> possible module options would be the $1, $2, .. execparameter
> for the scriptfile; (mostly all the smb.conf 
> "VARIABLE SUBSTITUTIONS" like %U, %I .. and so on)
> of course the script should do something dynamic based on this
> parameters. this would be ideal for real MS-DOS hosts which 
> cannat do anything on itself ;-)
> i hope, i get some replies here :-)
> mfg hermann
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