[Samba] Some final notes: Backup Exec & Samba shares

Bruce Lane kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com
Mon Dec 1 14:45:43 GMT 2003

Good day, gang,

	Chris McKeever was kind enough to write back to me over the weekend regarding the problems I'd experienced in using Backup Exec 8.x and 9.x to connect to Samba shares on a NetBSD system. Between his comments and my direct experience, I've only found ONE combination that will work, and that is: NetBSD 1.6, Samba 2.2.8a, and Backup Exec 8.6. If you take NetBSD up to 1.6.1, everything stops working and you can no longer browse the Samba shares.

	I suspect you could change Backup Exec to 9.x, and Samba to 3.x, since I had the same symptoms in either condition, but I did not try it (ran out of time).

	With that said: I have discovered that CA's ARCServe package (formerly made by Cheyenne Software) couldn't care less if a network share is sourced by a Windows or *nix type system running Samba. It browses and backs up either one with ease.

	Chris already posted the same thing he mailed to me to the list. Essentially, Veritas won't do a thing about it, and it does appear to be a design flaw in their software (considering that ARCserve doesn't have a problem with it).

	Sad, really. Backup Exec used to be a pretty good product. Sounds like Veritas has turned into the Microsoft of the backup software world, just like Adaptec turned into the Microsoft of the SCSI world, and... oh, frell, you get the idea.


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