[Samba] Sun PC NetLink Samba Problems

Nick Pettefar Nick at Pettefar.com
Mon Dec 1 13:56:10 GMT 2003

Hi Sambas,

I have been using the latest Sun version of Samba on my Solaris 9
SPARC Ultra 10 for a long time now.  I connect with my W2K PC to
mainly play music and make backups.

I recently foolishly installed the Sun Solaris PC NetLink 2.0 as
an experiment.  The NetLink worked but I couldn't easily work out
the security - basically I don't use any as it is a home system with
only myself and my GF as users.  I uninstalled it and re-installed
Samba.  Unfortunately it didn't work and still doesn't work.  I don't
know why as everything is the same as before.  I have tried using a
different W2K PC but it couldn't connect to the Ultra 10 either.  If
I use a different Unix server then my PC can see it fine.  I have tried
re-installing and uninstalling NetLink and re-installing the Sun Samba
and also installing a non-Sun supplied Samba but all to no avail.  My
setup is as simple as possible, nothing special or tricky, just two
directory shares.

I tried the Samba debugging/troubleshooting tips in the documentation
but all I could discover was that the machine name could not be found by
the PC.  From the PC I can naturally ping, ftp and telnet to the server
and vice versa.

HELP!  Has anybody else had similar problems?



Nick Pettefar   Nick at Pettefar.com   DoD 1069   MAG 73516   ZZR1100D

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