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Mon Dec 1 12:27:21 GMT 2003

1.      If the net view command fails with a "System error 53 has 
occurred" message, verify that computername is correct, that the computer 
running Windows 2000 is operational, and that all the gateways (routers) 
between this computer and the computer running Windows 2000 are 

It goes on to suggest that this may be because of a resolution problem but 
a "net view" (the ip of my machine) just hangs badly.

In further attempts to solve this, I changed the network affinity of the 
XP box to workgroup mode (thus logging out of the domain) and joined the 
EBIZ domain.  I was able to connect to the samba share with no problems. 
Now the Windows 2000 machine can connect to the Windows XP machine in the 
EBIZ domain, but still cannot connect to the samba share.

I think my theory at this point is that samba is broken in an NT domain 
workstation -> Windows workgroup/samba configuration.

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