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Mon Dec 1 12:27:21 GMT 2003

compatible with XFS in the package-description)
Further I installed the xfs-packages that came with woody: xfsdump_2.0.1-1, xfsprogs_2.0.3-1 
and xfslibs-dev_2.0.3-1.
Because getfacl and setfacl were missing I downloaded the acltools from SGI and compiled 
debian binaries with "rules binary" and installed them (acl_2.0.9-1, libacl1_2.0.9-1 and 
FINALLY, I've downloaded the sambasources 2.2.5 and modified the "rules"-file from the
packaging directories to compile with-acl-support. But compiling with "rules binary" fails, 
saying acl was not supported.
Of course I tried deleting the config.cache file, as you could have seen in configure output
that checking has not been cached. Something seems to fundamentally be wrong. 
!!!!!!! vvv
So, for now it may help, if someone could tell what files exactly are being searched for in 
what locations!
!!!!!!! ^^^

I don't really want to compile the kernel myself unless it is sure that it really would help, for the
actual one is okay, (i also had a look at the kernel-config-file). 
Actually I don't want to put too much effort in this, since it theoretically should work - 
so if patching kernel for myself and compiling, building all necessery tools and dev-files 
and finally making deb-packages would not help either, I surely will (again) be jumping  out 
of the window in no time...

Tricky this one, isn't it? 

thx alot so far now,
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