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Mon Dec 1 11:34:25 GMT 2003

(non-Domain Controller), Workstation, or even 9x, even without installing
the "AD Client" can work in a Windows 2000 AD in Native Mode because the
PDC Emulator portion of the AD Domain Controller will service these
systems.  Microsoft says that the only time that one can not use AD in
Native Mode is when there are NT Domain Controllers still in the domain.
(might not be able to use Native Mode's "Universal Groups" under this
situation, but otherwise everything else should be OK - I have not tested -
just read from many sources - from Windows 2000 Mag (non-Microsoft), from
Microsoft's TechNet & WEB, etc.)

How about: when and if Samba (in Member Server type mode) will understand
Universal Groups and completely support the Windows 2000 AD domain in
native mode?


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