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Mon Dec 1 11:34:25 GMT 2003

This means that when a person logs into the samba server it will execute
this file. You should possibly put this file on your NT server that's
currently the PDC in the netlogon share there though, which would mean that
presuming that samba authenticates ok back to the NT box, your users will
transparently get a whole new bunch of drives, and won't need to worry about
password maintenance etc.

FYI i haven't managed to get password = server to work . I ended up getting
rid of the NT box and just using samba.

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You can either via GUI front end or autoexec.bat map a drive permanantly.
I leave teh task of which button to click to you, however from a script
on your Windows client, you can use 'net use ....' to map a drive
at boot up.

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On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Larry Clark wrote:

> What is the use of having samba as a server if every morning I have to
> go around to everyones computer and re map the dirves they need? not
> much good in a production setting is it? well I have sent this letter to
> the whole samba team, maybe they will get a clue and work on
> it......hummmmm????
> Larry Clark wrote:
> >
> > I am trying this one again, I have a 10/100 mg switched network, NT and
> > novell also run on it. I have two(2) samba servers on the network. in
> > the mornings, when people come in and try to logon, they can logon to
> > the NT and novell servers, yet the logon to the samba servers are slow,
> > and most of the time they cannot connect and ask if next time they want
> > to try to connect, obviuosly they say yes, but this time after the whole
> > weekend, they all came in and cannot lo in. even if I go into the
> > windows explorer and click on the red x'ed out share, they sometimes
> > still don't connect. we have a WINS server on the wire for name
> > resolution, and there is a PDC which the samba server has an account.
> > for the life of me, I can't map a drive and consistently have it connect
> > after the night. mornings are a night mare and noone can connect, any
> > one else have this problem? thanks....

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