[Samba] Moving Samba from one computer to another one

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Thu Aug 21 18:57:01 GMT 2003

Laurent Vaills írta:

>Hi all.
>I need to move the samba server from one computer (samba 2.2.3a, RedHat 7.2) to
>another one (samba 2.2.7). 
>This server acts as a PDC.
>I configure the new computer to have the same workgroup but not the same
>netbios name. I also copied my profile from the old server to the new one.
>I switch off the old server and switch on the new one.
>When I try to log in on from my Win2k machine I got an error which says
>that the SID is not the correct.
>I tried to copy the MACHINE.SID and secrets.tdb from the old server to
>the new one but that does not work
>Does anyone already have this problem or know a solution ?
>Thanks in advance,
Stop Samba on the new machine, delete MACHINE.SID and secrets.tdb (you 
wouldn't needed copiing them), edit smb.conf on the new account and take 
care to have domain master = no, start Samba on the old machine, start 
Samba on the new one, then on the new one as root type smbpasswd -S . It 
will store the domain SID of the old machine in secrets.tdb of the new 
machine. Stop samba on both machine. Edit smb.conf on the new one, and 
change domain master = yes. Thats all.

Good Luck!

Geza Gemes

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