[Samba] Moving Samba from one computer to another one

Max Harvey IT at smc.ac.nz
Tue Aug 26 02:24:40 GMT 2003

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> Subject: Re: [Samba] Moving Samba from one computer to another one
> >I need to move the samba server from one computer (samba 
> 2.2.3a, RedHat 
> >7.2) to another one (samba 2.2.7). This server acts as a PDC.

> Stop Samba on the new machine, delete MACHINE.SID and 
> secrets.tdb (you 
> wouldn't needed copiing them), edit smb.conf on the new 
> account and take 
> care to have domain master = no, start Samba on the old 
> machine, start 
> Samba on the new one, then on the new one as root type 
> smbpasswd -S . It 
> will store the domain SID of the old machine in secrets.tdb 
> of the new 
> machine. Stop samba on both machine. Edit smb.conf on the new 
> one, and 
> change domain master = yes. Thats all.

Firstly, I was off sick yesterday, so I am about 4 days behind on my
mail/lists, so if this questions has already been asked since your
reply, I apologise in advance...

This is all good if both machines are running, and I have recorded in my
machine migration section of my files, but I have a question along
similar lines...

I backup nightly (lots of various stuff), including the /etc/samba/.
Directory, /home/. Directory, /etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/shadow.

If I was required to do a complete restore of my samba PDC, on different
hardware, with only my backups (i.e. I couldn't do the migration method
you mentioned), how would I do it (oh yes, and are I missing any
important files in my backup selection)?

I am just wondering, as I have seen this sort of question mentioning the
SID problem before, and should really make sure my  recovery plan is up
to scratch

Thanks in advance


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