[Samba] Win2k patch

irfan khan iceman9001 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 19 16:17:46 GMT 2003

Helllo guys,

Ive installed samba unfortunately without SWAT... i
dont know how taht happened, bu the cd that came with
the RH 7.2 just did not come with SWAT.  So i tweaked
the smb.conf file in my RH 7.2 and restarted all the

I used two linus books, one was a book called the
complete reference by Peterson from Mc Graw Hill and
another book called RH 7.2 bible, im not sure of the
name ofthe author of this book. By the way, I think
i'm using a samaba version 2.X or 2.2 something like

But anyway, so i created a guest password and i
created a samba password and all and then i restarted
the snm and nmb service.  The thing is, my win2k
server can see the samba server but when i  click on
the server from the win2k Professional machine I cant
access anything. I get an error msg saying its not

My question is, 

1) do i need to install a patch at the win2k machine?
If I do, boy did the authors miss that one out big

2)If its not the patch, what is it then?

3) How do i know what is the version of samba am I
currently Linux?

4) Samba is dependent on distribution or kenel or
something else?

Please do help me in this. My questions and your
answers would help a lot of people. I'm going to post
it at the following yahoo groups to help others.

1) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LinuxMalaysia/ 
(Linux advocates in Malaysia)

2) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/linux_study/  (People
who are studying for Linux certs)

(People who are trying to install samba or something
like that)

Thanks in advance.

Warmest regards,

 Please do help.

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