[Samba] Win2k patch

Wolfram Quester wolfi at mittelerde.physik.uni-konstanz.de
Wed Aug 20 07:48:32 GMT 2003

On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 09:17:46AM -0700, irfan khan wrote:
> Helllo guys,
> Ive installed samba unfortunately without SWAT... i
> dont know how taht happened, bu the cd that came with
> the RH 7.2 just did not come with SWAT.  So i tweaked
> the smb.conf file in my RH 7.2 and restarted all the
> deamons.

I'm really sure swat is on your redhat-cds. RH packages swat separately
in a "samba-swat" package IIRC. It' not installed by default.

> 1) do i need to install a patch at the win2k machine?
> If I do, boy did the authors miss that one out big
> time!!!

AFAIK, no.

> 2)If its not the patch, what is it then?

There are many possibilities. Read the documentation that comes with
samba (in /usr/doc/samba* or /usr/share/doc/samba* or ...). There is a
file DIAGNOSIS.txt which gives you a small step-by-step help in

> 3) How do i know what is the version of samba am I
> currently Linux?

This is quite a vital information if you want usefull feedback from any
mailing list. If I don't know a program's version, I try the GNU way:
/path/to/programm --version
Even if that does not work, probably a help message is printed telling
me the right options. In case of smbd:

wolfi at neptun:~$ /usr/sbin/smbd --version
/usr/sbin/smbd: invalid option -- -
Usage: /usr/sbin/smbd [-DaioPh?V] [-d debuglevel] [-l log basename] [-p port]
       [-O socket options] [-s services file]
	-D                    Become a daemon (default)
	-a                    Append to log file (default)
	-i                    Run interactive (not a daemon)
	-o                    Overwrite log file, don't append
	-h                    Print usage
	-?                    Print usage
	-V                    Print version
	-d debuglevel         Set the debuglevel
	-l log basename.      Basename for log/debug files
	-p port               Listen on the specified port
	-O socket options     Socket options
	-s services file.     Filename of services file

This tells you that -V is the option you want:

wolfi at neptun:~$ /usr/sbin/smbd -V
Version 2.2.3a-12.3wjq for Debian

For version 3 of samba --version will also work:

wolfi at neptun:~$ /usr/sbin/smbd --version
Version 3.0.0beta2-1 for Debian

Another way to find this option is reading the man-page (man smbd).

You can also ask your package manager what he thinks is installed. Since
you are using rpm, this is 
rpm -qa | grep samba

But be carefull, if you compiled samba by hand via make / make install, 
the package manager won't tell you the truth. Also, then your smbd is not in
/usr/sbin but somewhere under /usr/local.

> 4) Samba is dependent on distribution or kenel or
> something else?

More or less. Samba uses libraries. The location and versions of these libraries
differ from distribution to distribution. Samba gets the information about this 
in the configure step at compile time. Exept you want to compile it
yourself, what is difficult if you are at the beginning of your
linux-career. You should take the packages suitable for your distribution. Look 
at your cds or if you want another version than contained therein, look
at www.samba.org or the homepage of your distributor.



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