[Samba] Adding Windows servers to a Samba PDC network

Jason Williams jwilliams at courtesymortgage.com
Mon Aug 18 20:27:29 GMT 2003

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to ask a question here.

We are running RH 7.3 as our samba PDC. Everything is working great and im 
really enjoying the setup.

However, we need to add two Windows 2000 Adv. Servers to our Domain because 
of software that we run on this.

I probably already know the answer, but I figured I would ask this anyway.

The default account on the Windows servers is administrator. I've added an 
account to our Samba PDC called administrator.

If i'm correct, all I should have to do is log into the Windows box, and 
join the computer to my domain using the 'root' account, correct?

Only reason im asking this is because im trying to figure out how to use 
the default Windows 'administrator' account correctly on our network.
For instance, im not sure if anyone is familiar with the 'Run As' feature 
in Windows 2000, but that is something I would like to be able to use when 
I join my Windows 2000 client machines to the domain and the 'Run As' 
feature relies on the Windows 'administrator account.

I appreciate everyone.

BTW, just wanted to send out a kudos to the samba team on the updated docs 
that they have released for 3.0. Even though im not using 3.0, yet, it is 
very well done. THe whole thing is printing right now. :)



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