[Samba] Problems with adding Windows printer drivers to a Samba box

Keith G. Murphy keithmur at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 14 16:37:08 GMT 2003

Chris Nolan wrote:

> Hi all!
> Here is an interesting problem:
> I have installed Mandrake 9.0 on two server boxes, both of which are 
> running very happily and have been for a year now (and a year or two 
> before that on earlier versions of Mandrake). I was able to successfully 
> add printer drivers to one of these boxes (as it was the only one 
> running Samba at the time, called MAIN) without any problems.
> Yesterday, I had to install some drivers for a Toshiba photocopier (for 
> all those considering Toshiba photocopier purchase/rental for network 
> printing *DON'T*. Their drivers are horrible, unstable bodies of code). 
> On the existing Samba box and on the new one (with security = domain 
> pointing at MAIN), I could not add the driver. It turns out that one of 
> my "administrator friends" had previously added the driver to the MAIN 
> box, after setting the following options on the [Printers] and [print$] 
> shares:
>     nt acl support = no
>     write list = <list of users>
>     read list = <list of users>
> Apparently, this resulted in the Toshiba driver spewing method call 
> failures to the screens of the workstations. He cleaned that up and 
> deleted the printer driver files from MAIN (but not the driver). I have 
> since used rpcclient to remove the driver entry.
> Now, whether adding to the MAIN box or the newly setup Samba instance 
> (on a box called GRUNTMASTER), I always get "Operation could not be 
> completed" when attempting to add the driver. The logs show that Samba's 
> conversation with the client attempting to add the driver results in a 
> service (along the lines of ::{a34af-25df4-cdf4a-a65gc}) not being found.
This is probably completely unrelated, but -- this isn't one of those
Toshiba copier/printer with two different possible controllers, is it?
In other words, are you *sure* you have the right driver?

I ask, because I have pulled my own hair out over this issue.

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