[Samba] Server-side printer settings?

Chris Nolan chris at itoperations.com.au
Thu Aug 14 00:30:35 GMT 2003

Hi all!

I have a situtation that I want to get happening:

We have just installed a colour photocopier with duplexing at a client's 
office. We're looking to have four printers pointing at this one device, 
with the following settings (one for each printer):

	* Black and White
	* Black and White, Duplexed
	* Colour
	* Colour Duplexed

My question is, can we have server-side settings for this sort of thing? 
My reading of the rpcclient man page says that servers can contain 
settings, but I would like to be able to do the following:

	* Specify which users can modify the settings for themselves and 	 
those that can't
	* Specify which users can update the server-side settings
	* (If possible but highly unlikely) Specify which parts of the 			 
printer settings can be modified in the first case

All responses that make me smarter welcome!



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