[Samba] Problems with adding Windows printer drivers to a Samba box

Chris Nolan chris at itoperations.com.au
Thu Aug 14 00:22:11 GMT 2003

Hi all!

Here is an interesting problem:

I have installed Mandrake 9.0 on two server boxes, both of which are 
running very happily and have been for a year now (and a year or two 
before that on earlier versions of Mandrake). I was able to successfully 
add printer drivers to one of these boxes (as it was the only one 
running Samba at the time, called MAIN) without any problems.

Yesterday, I had to install some drivers for a Toshiba photocopier (for 
all those considering Toshiba photocopier purchase/rental for network 
printing *DON'T*. Their drivers are horrible, unstable bodies of code). 
On the existing Samba box and on the new one (with security = domain 
pointing at MAIN), I could not add the driver. It turns out that one of 
my "administrator friends" had previously added the driver to the MAIN 
box, after setting the following options on the [Printers] and [print$] 

	nt acl support = no
	write list = <list of users>
	read list = <list of users>

Apparently, this resulted in the Toshiba driver spewing method call 
failures to the screens of the workstations. He cleaned that up and 
deleted the printer driver files from MAIN (but not the driver). I have 
since used rpcclient to remove the driver entry.

Now, whether adding to the MAIN box or the newly setup Samba instance 
(on a box called GRUNTMASTER), I always get "Operation could not be 
completed" when attempting to add the driver. The logs show that Samba's 
conversation with the client attempting to add the driver results in a 
service (along the lines of ::{a34af-25df4-cdf4a-a65gc}) not being found.

Oh Samba gods of ye almighty list, do ye have any wisdom to bestow upon 
us merely very experienced and grizzled administrators? The fact that my 
Samba server at this client's premises has required more than 30 minutes 
of my attention this year is very depressing!



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