[Samba] Re: Samba vs. Windows : significant difference in timestamphandling?

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Thu Aug 14 09:18:38 GMT 2003

> and (now that i have your attention... :)) what 
> software do you use to backup your reisersf/acls 
> partitions? 

Excellent question. I use tar, but before I start it
I do a "getfacl --skip-base -R ." and save the output
in a file that is bound to be the first on tape. When
I restore such a tarball I do "setfacl --restore="
and all the ACLs are restored in a fell swoop. It is
unbelievable how much faster both operations execute
on a reiserfs as compared to any other fs (2 orders of
magnitude faster). 

If you do a partial restore, you don't usually need
explicit setfacl because the newly restored files 
inherit the correct ACLs from the parent dir, except 
if they themselves have additional irregular ACLs.

Still, I'd rather the ACLs were singly backed up and
restored, which according to a samba guy is what Sun
does in their version of tar - each ACLs-infected file
has 2 entries, the first contains only the ACLs, which
an ACL-aware tar reads and uses to restore the original
ACLs, and the second is the normal tar of the file. An 
ACL-unaware tar just overwrites the ACLs data 
with "the" data.

For smb clients (WinDoze boxen) I use smbclient's
tarmode extension and am about to add full ACLs support
although in most cases all of the ACLs on an M$ system
are totally predictable so backing them up is kinda
redundant, but every now and then someone complains
about it so let's get it behind us once.

> as what i read  was that you can use basically any 
> backup program to backup the data, but usually the 
> acls are not backed up. i heard amanda is supposed 
> to be good?

I don't know what amanda does.

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