[Samba] RE: Samba vs. Windows : significant difference in timestamphandli ng?

Heupink, Mourik Jan C. Heupink at INTECH.UNU.EDU
Thu Aug 14 09:31:52 GMT 2003

thanks very much for your kind and fast assistance!

greetings from holland.

mourik jan

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> > and (now that i have your attention... :)) what 
> > software do you use to backup your reisersf/acls 
> > partitions? 
> Excellent question. I use tar, but before I start it
> I do a "getfacl --skip-base -R ." and save the output
> in a file that is bound to be the first on tape. When
> I restore such a tarball I do "setfacl --restore="
> and all the ACLs are restored in a fell swoop. It is
> unbelievable how much faster both operations execute
> on a reiserfs as compared to any other fs (2 orders of
> magnitude faster). 
> If you do a partial restore, you don't usually need
> explicit setfacl because the newly restored files 
> inherit the correct ACLs from the parent dir, except 
> if they themselves have additional irregular ACLs.
> Still, I'd rather the ACLs were singly backed up and
> restored, which according to a samba guy is what Sun
> does in their version of tar - each ACLs-infected file
> has 2 entries, the first contains only the ACLs, which
> an ACL-aware tar reads and uses to restore the original
> ACLs, and the second is the normal tar of the file. An 
> ACL-unaware tar just overwrites the ACLs data 
> with "the" data.
> For smb clients (WinDoze boxen) I use smbclient's
> tarmode extension and am about to add full ACLs support
> although in most cases all of the ACLs on an M$ system
> are totally predictable so backing them up is kinda
> redundant, but every now and then someone complains
> about it so let's get it behind us once.
> > as what i read  was that you can use basically any 
> > backup program to backup the data, but usually the 
> > acls are not backed up. i heard amanda is supposed 
> > to be good?
> I don't know what amanda does.
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