[Samba] Re: Samba vs. Windows : significant difference in timestamphandling ?

mourik jan c heupink heupink at intech.unu.edu
Thu Aug 14 08:32:04 GMT 2003

Dragan Krnic wrote:

>Yes. 8.2 works out of box. Use mount options acl for
>ACLs and user_xattr for EAs.
cool! couldn't find anything on the reiser website, so i assumed it 
couldn't do it.

>After quite some experimenting in the beginning (ext3, 
>jfs, xfs) it soon became clear that reiserfs is by far 
>the best on all counts. I've read postings that xfs 
>excells with very large files, e.g. movies, but I 
>couldn't see any difference - reiserfs was just as 
>fast). It's incredibly fast in directory manipulations,
>especially for very large directories with lakhs of 
>files. Very parsimonious too. It doesn't compress data,
>not yet, but it doesn't waste space like other fs's.
>A full reiserfs volume could probably not be restored 
>in an equally large ext3 volume. It works since about 
>a year impeccably.
and (now that i have your attention... :)) what software do you use to 
backup your reisersf/acls partitions?
as what i read  was that you can use basically any backup program to 
backup the data, but usually the acls are not backed up.
i heard amanda is supposed to be good?

anyway... i realise this is getting  more  and more off topic, so I'll 
not ask any further questions.

thanks very much for taking the time to advise!

mourik jan

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