[Samba] Re: Samba vs. Windows : significant difference in timestamphandling ?

Christoph christoph at scheeder.de
Thu Aug 14 08:57:38 GMT 2003


mourik jan c heupink wrote:
> and (now that i have your attention... :)) what software do you use to 
> backup your reisersf/acls partitions?
> as what i read  was that you can use basically any backup program to 
> backup the data, but usually the acls are not backed up.
> i heard amanda is supposed to be good?

amanda is good, but it is a backup-management-system, not a backup program.
It calls an external program for every disk to backup to get the real
backup done. If you have a program that gets the acl's for your fs, then
you will be able to make amanda use it and save your acl's.
If not, you won't get them backuped.
But this thread gets discussed every few month on another mailinglist



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