[Samba] Unable to save permission changes

James Werkowski jwerkowski at attglobal.net
Wed Aug 13 20:52:16 GMT 2003

Hello all --

I'm running Samba 2.2.7 on RedHat 8.0, using the Samba server as PDC.

Whenever I try to change permissions on a folder or file through a W2K 
client, (Properties->Security), I am allowed to set the new permissions, 
but when I hit the Apply or OK button,
I get the message "Unable to save permission changes on <folder name>. 
Access is denied."
This happens both logged in as the owner of the parent folder, or as an 

I haven't found much on this problem through googling -- can anyone point 
me in the right direction to diagnose and/or fix it?


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