[Samba] role of Idealx scripts

jonlists jonlists at cbsol.com
Wed Aug 13 18:49:44 GMT 2003

trying to get Samba 3b3 working with opendap - getting rid of the need to 
use /etc/passwd file. 

My confusion comes in where the idealx scripts comes in - i know that they 
are not updated to be used with samba 3.x. 

>From my understanding - under samba 2.x - the idealx scripts provide a 
means of adding users to the system, by properly adding them to both the 
smb and the ldap configurations, correct? 

When using samba 3.x - if we do not have the idealx scripts - isn't it 
possible to accomplish the same thing by using something like gq, provided 
we get the new user template correct (the correct ldap attributes)? What 
am I missing that the idealx scripts might provided otherwise? 

As you can guess, I'm fairly new to this configuration. Thanks for any 

Jon Johnston
Creative Business Solutions
IBM, Lotus, Microsoft Consultants

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