[Samba] Re: samba 3b3 irritation

Failed Access mdonovan at edwtech.com
Tue Aug 12 16:16:48 GMT 2003

Failed Access wrote:
> hi just a quickie
> I've just setup a share in samba 3b3 and discovered it wont allow my 
> share names to be longer than 8 characters (how annoying!)
> I don't have any ms machines below win 2k and as such I don't care how 
> long my names are infact having a name like eposd1_logs is far more 
> useful than epslt1 or something equally non descriptive. How do I stop 
> sam3 from doing this? (there has to be an option "Stop support for super 
> stupid operating systems=no" prehaps?)
> Anyway an answer to this would be nice (I have samba 2.0 machines 
> running long names and 2.2.8 running equally long names why does sam3 cry?)
> Cheers before hand
> Matt
my bad ignore me

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