[Samba] WINS Question?

Marian Mlcoch, Ing mm at tsmp.sk
Wed Aug 6 11:01:34 GMT 2003

first yuo try update samba to latest from binary samba storage for redhat.
(before uninstal redhat rpms and backup config.)
Second check if two nmbd is running on samba machine.
And last your samba must be online and not restarted when yuo power on
client w2k machine to proper register in wins database. If not you must wait
long time to refresh and then only try nmblookup.


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> I have setup my Samba server as a WINS server using the wins support = yes
> parameter.
> My remote network can see the Samba server at our head office fine.
> I have also setup the WINS setting on my PC (W2K Pro box) to point to the
> address of my Samba server.
> When I do a nmblookup -R -U <IP address of WINS server> <name of my PC> on
> my Samba server I get this reponse;
> querying pc1 on
> wins_srv_died(): Could not mark WINS server down.
> Address not found in server list.
> name_query failed to find name pc1
> However, if I use the same command a query the Samba server I get this
> reponse;
> querying felix on
> felix<00>
> Why isn't my Samba server storing the NetBIOS name of my PC?
> BTW, I am using Samba 2.2.7 supply by RH on a RH 7.3 box.
> Martin Stacey
> IT Support Manager
> Safcol Australia Pty Ltd
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