[Samba] smbmount problems with P4 Dual Xeon

Denis Gasparin denis at edistar.com
Wed Aug 6 08:33:28 GMT 2003

I have problems while using smbmount with a P4 Dual Xeon.

When i execute the command 

    smbclient //XX.XX.XX.XX/backup /mnt/smb -o username=usr%pwd

I get two smbclient processes under execution. This is the output from a ps axf command :

32353 pts/0    S      0:00  |   \_ -bash

 2527 pts/0    S      0:00  |       \_ smbmount //backup/backup /mnt/smb/ -o username guest%XXXXX

 2528 ?        S      0:00  |           \_ smbmount //backup/backup /mnt/smb/ -o username guest%XXXXX

The second (2528) actually does the mount while the first (2527) is waiting to do the mount and blocks waiting the pid 2528 to complete...

The only way to proceed is to kill -9 2527...

Have you any idea of what is the cause of this problem?

Thank you in advance,

Doct. Eng. Denis Gasparin: denis at edistar.com
Programmer & System Administrator - Edistar srl

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