[Samba] Strange Problem

D. Rick Anderson ruger at acsnv.com
Mon Aug 4 23:29:21 GMT 2003

Thanks for the reply. I'm running Win2k SP4 on all of our workstations.


> At 16:11 4-8-03 -0700, you wrote:
>>I'm having a strange problem with Samba 2.2.8 on RH 9.0.
>>When I delete a folder on the server from a workstation, it gives me an
>> error saying that it can't be found and the folder remains in Explorer,
>> but if I look on the server (via SSH) the folder is gone. If I hit F5
>> on the machine that I'm using to delete the file, the folder disappears
>> and all seems normal.
> [snip]
> Could this perhaps be a win95 client ?
> I remember setting a 0 or so in the registry that made explorer
> autorefresh, wich it didn't by default
> Greetz,
> Cor Lem

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