[Samba] Browsing problem

Coffey Cpl Patrick O CoffeyPO at hqmc.usmc.mil
Tue Aug 5 00:30:35 GMT 2003

   First, I think I should say I'm relatively new to linux and to using
samba. I'm trying to share a directory on my linux machine to the rest of my
network, the other computers are running win2k or xp. Now my share is setup
as follows:
 comment = Public Stuff
 path = /ddrive/public
 guest ok = yes

and in the global section I've defined security as follows:
security = share

Now to my understanding of samba this should be enough for the other win
machines to connect to my public share, however the win machines only see my
workgroup, and nothing in it; I checked LinNeighborhood and I can connect to
myself fine. Whats wrong here?


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