[Samba] XP Home Domain Login Workaround

Allan Kelly akelly at dunglass.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Apr 30 13:49:56 GMT 2003

Hello, I administer a small office. As is common, we have samba acting as
Domain controller and I have a 'logon script' configured in smb.conf.

The logon script does not do much: map the P: (public) and H: (home) drives, as
well as setting the time. This is done through net commands, and is all very
familiar to readers of this list.

The new laptop arrived from Dell, and it's XP Home. XP Home does not have
facilities for Domain login. Here is my workaround, which you may find useful in
a small company setting.

1. Original logon.bat: was specified in smb.conf as logon script

net use p: \\fileserver\public
net use h: /HOME
net time \\fileserver /SET /YES

Of course, as you cannot login to the Domain, the concept of /HOME is useless,
so the workaround has to specify the /HOME.

2. Workaround located locally on the XP Home PC. This is c:\logon.bat and is
called from Start->Programs->Startup

rem This is a hack by allan
rem XP Home does not do domain logons
rem However I can alter the Domain logon script to be run locally
net time \\fileserver /set /yes
net use h: \\fileserver\myusername /user:myusername mypassword
net use p: \\fileserver\public

Obviously, mypassword and mypassword need replaced with your real ones. I hope
this is of help to somebody, somewhere.

Cheers, al.


Allan Kelly can normally be reached via
allan  at  fruitloaf.co.uk

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