[SAMBA]Jaguar Samba Servers etc.

mark lists at xinot.net
Wed Apr 30 07:58:31 GMT 2003

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003 00:31:59 EDT
StewartConnor at aol.com wrote:

> I suppose this has already been asked and someone is going to tell me
> what chapter of the HOWTO to read but has anyone configured a Linux
> server to link up Windows whatever(say ME) and Mac OS X.

Samba is provided along with Jaguar.  You just need to enable it via
System Preferences, then Sharing.  Click on Windows File Sharing.  I
guess you would probably want to edit your /etc/smb.conf before starting

> Is this the best(highest speed and cheapest we are talking small 
> non-profit.org here) way to do it?

I don't understand why you want to put a machine between your machines. 
Jaguar comes with samba (or a samba port?!?) and doesn't need a linux
machine to link with a windows machine for file sharing.  I haven't set
up Jaguar to act as a PDC, though, if you are talking about centralised
windows logins.  

On the other hand, OS X and windows will be able to access a linux
machine running samba.

>That is have a Linux machine doing 
> everything a server does-this way dont have to waste G4 on server
> duties. second question:  G4 with OS X(Jaguar $100 system not the $450
> server version) is fully Samba but not usable as server, is that
> correct?

I don't know if samba on a single license machine is crippled in some
way or not.  I just set up a test share on my ibook and it seemed to
work just fine.  But that was a share for anyone to access, so...

I haven't read the apple licensing so I don't know what the legalities
are in serving files to multiple machines without a server copy of OS


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