[SAMBA]Jaguar Samba Servers etc.

StewartConnor at aol.com StewartConnor at aol.com
Wed Apr 30 04:31:59 GMT 2003

I suppose this has already been asked and someone is going to tell me what 
chapter of the HOWTO to read but has anyone configured a Linux server to link 
up Windows whatever(say ME) and Mac OS X.
Is this the best(highest speed and cheapest we are talking small 
non-profit.org here) way to do it? That is have a Linux machine doing 
everything a server does-this way dont have to waste G4 on server duties.
second question:  G4 with OS X(Jaguar $100 system not the $450 server 
version) is fully Samba but not usable as server, is that correct?
Truly in appreciation.
Stewart Connor Virginia CURE  <A HREF="www.vacure.or4g">www.vacure.org</A>
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