[Samba] remove my email address

Maarten de Boer mdeboer at iua.upf.es
Tue Apr 29 12:25:21 GMT 2003

> I am starting to receive a lot of unsolicited email at work.

Who doesn't?

> I did a web search on my name to see if my email address is accessible
> on any web sites. I got a hit on this site
> http://samba.cadcamlab.org/lists/samba/Dec2000/00720.html
> which is a message I sent to your list server a couple of years ago. 
> Please remove my email address from the web page.  Thanks.

First of all, I find this request very strange. You can't expect the
list adminstrator to remove e-mail addresses for the archives like this!
And by posting this message, your address will appear in the lists
archive again. Second, this really will not make the unsolicited email
reduce or disappear; your e-mail address is probably already in several
SPAM databases.

If you want to reduce SPAM, I strongly recommend you use SpamAssassin. It's
Free Software, and it works very well. (I use it in combination with
MailScanner, but that's not necesary). You're might even talk to your
mail server administrator about this, or run it locally for procmail or


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